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Celebrating over 50 years of

Title VI of the 1964 US Civil Rights Act.

We are celebrating over 50 years of Title VI of the 1964 US Civil Rights Act. To honor the historic initiatives set in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, public services should be accessible to all residents and in the languages spoken in those communities.

Today, 1-in-5 Portlanders are foreign born. For Beaverton it’s 1-in-4.

Nearly half of our public school kids go home to ethnic minority families.

CELs are expert bridge-builders who are either bi-cultural, and/or bi-lingual. They deliver your intended message in a culturally-specific manner, allowing participants a level of comfort and familiarity in navigating processes and systems to help support the development of your projects. Liaisons share project information, gather crucial feedback, connect community groups with services they need, respond when issues arise, and provide technical assistance.

How CELs Builds Project Success

CELs provides effective avenues for authentic public participation. Equitably sharing public services, benefits, and burdens requires intentional engagement with underserved communities. Having our many communities participate fully in our robust public life requires authentic partnerships. Hiring an interpreter to speak to populations you hope will show up is not true civic engagement and will not produce equity. CELs liaisons can identify specific ethno-cultural and language communities in targeted service areas.

If your agency’s goal includes equitable public services – or if your project requires engaging immigrants, underserved communities, or ethnic minority neighbors – CELs can assist you!