Area of Services

CELs identify the language and ethno-cultural communities in the service area; CELs assist in developing important message, service, or product; they lend expertise in marketing it, they then facilitate effectively delivering co-developed message, service, or product to the intended community.

Here are some of CELs liaisons that are represented and have engaged in many city wide outreach and engagement:

  • Arab-speaking male and female community elder or activist
  • Farsi-speaking male and female community elder or activist
  • Karen-speaking Karen or Burmese elder or activist
  • Nepali-speaking Bhutanese elder or activist
  • Russian/Ukrainian-speaking Russian elder or activist
  • Somalian-speaking female and male community elder or activist
  • Spanish-speaking Mexican elder or activist
  • Mandarin/Cantonese/Toishanese-speaking Chinese elder or activist
  • Zomi elder or activist, who also speaks Burmese
  • Vietnamese-speaking Vietnamese elder or activist
  • Tongan-speaking Tonga elder or activist
  • Chhuki-speaking Chuuk elder or activist
  • Cambodian-speaking Cambodia elder or activist
  • Laos-speaking Laotian elder or activist
  • Other African languages: Fulani, Wollof, Krio, Somali, Mai Mai, Swahili

In the past two and half years, CELs has successfully provided services to these agencies:

  • City of Portland - Environmental services
  • City of Portland - Bureau of transportation
  • City of Portland - Metro audit services division
  • Portland parks & recreation
  • Portland independent police review division (IPR)
  • Portland bureau of emergency management
  • City of Portland - City budget office
  • Resolutions Northwest
  • Cogan Owens Greene, LLC
  • City of Portland - Bureau of planning and sustainability
  • City of Portland - Office of neighborhood involvement
  • West Multnomah soil & water conservation district
  • City of Portland - East Portland action plan advocate
  • JLA - Public involvement
  • City of Portland - Portland housing bureau
  • OSU Extension Service
  • Samara group
  • City of Beaverton - mayor’s office
  • Multnomah county
  • SW Watershed resource center