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COVID-19 Message

Our staffs and liaisons are temporarily working remotely to support the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. We are happy to assist your needs via phone or email. We will be offering our meetings/workshops online during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Our neighbors, our communities, our partners in public engagement. A program to assist the community, cities, and partners.

Who Are CELs Liaisons?

The liaisons are active community leaders or activists that are passionate about supporting and improving their community’s visibility and welfare. A majority of them (95%) are immigrants and people of color who are fluent in their native language(s) and active in their local community. Liaisons have consistently demonstrated professionalism, cultural understanding, and effective engagement with underserved community groups, which allows our clients to serve a broader range of residents. CELs liaisons are English-fluent, civic activists and are respected elders or activists in their respective communities.

What Are CELs (Community Engagement Liaisons)?

Community Engagement Liaison Services (CELs) was developed in 2014. CELs provides language, cultural contextualization and interpretation services for local governments, corporations and private entities, with the intention of improving communication, understanding, and civic engagement. From infrastructural development, watershed conservation, budget testimony, community gardening to city-wide planning, we reach communities that have historically been left out or ignored. Our program is dedicated to serve immigrants and underserved communities, with consistent training and active involvement with local agencies, associations and partners. Our services include engagement, facilitation, translation and subject matter resources.